Echoverse album cover

EchoVerse's debut album "Whispers Between Worlds," releasing in Summer 2024, showcases their dedication as a Christian band to honor the Creator with a variety of songs. The album includes the notable “The War Within,” a 30-minute epic, demonstrating their skill in crafting complex musical narratives. "Whispers Between Worlds" aims to offer an engaging mix of short and long tracks, blending the band's unique style with their spiritual message.

Side A
1. Not Like the Other (5:44)
2. Feelings of Grey (6:49)
3. Sins of the Father (6:28)
4. Empty (5:15)

Side B
5. The War Within (30:17)
6. Walk Alone (6:20)


Echoverse Eleanor Rigby Album Cover

Emerging from the progressive rock scene, EchoVerse announces the release of their first single, a distinctive cover of The Beatles' “Eleanor Rigby." EchoVerse, born from members of the Christian Prog Rock band Ascher, blend influences from progressive rock giants like Spock's Beard, RUSH, and Dream Theater.

The track was mixed by renowned producer Rich Mouser, noted for his collaborations with bands like Weezer, Spock's Beard, and Dream Theater. The music video, inspired by the iconic Yellow Submarine film, was directed by Christian Rios, a prominent name in the Prog Rock scene, known for his work with Neal Morse Band, Flying Colors, and Jethro Tull.

EchoVerse’s interpretation of "Eleanor Rigby" transforms the timeless song with a progressive rock perspective, preserving the essence that made the original remarkable while aiming to enhance the musical setting. This approach results in a creation that is both sharp and grand, offering a fresh take on a beloved classic.

"With 'Eleanor Rigby', we wanted to pay homage to The Beatles, but also put our own twist on it, maybe with a little more punch," says Kyle Graves, the lead singer. "Our aim is to create music that’s enjoyable to listen to but also makes you think and feel, both with the sound and the stories we're telling. And what better story than Eleanor Rigby?”

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Who is EchoVerse?

EchoVerse is a Progressive Rock band with a strong Christian influence, focused on exploring the deeper realms of truth and the Divine. Assembled from former members of the band Ascher, their music embodies a unique blend reminiscent of Spock's Beard, 1980s-era RUSH, and Dream Theater.

Thematically, their music dives deep into significant questions of faith, existence, and the human condition. Songs aren't just pieces of music; they are stories told in an expansive musical language that draws the listener into the narrative.

Band Members:

Kyle Graves: Lead Vocals
Doug Bowers: Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Rob Perez: Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Kyle Fagala: Drums, Vocals

Media Contact:

All press related inquiries including promo copies, interviews, and more: Kyle Fagala at [email protected]